How to connect an iPhone to Dodge Bluetooth

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & tricks on Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 5:15 am
How to connect an iPhone to Dodge Bluetooth

For most people, being connected by phone, email or social media at all times has become an expectation. Friends, family and colleagues want us to be reachable regardless of where we are. So, to ensure we stay focused and safe behind the wheel while accessing our smartphones, our team at Regency Chrysler is sharing how to connect an iPhone to Dodge Bluetooth.

iPhone pairing instructions for Dodge Uconnect and Bluetooth

Before you begin the pairing process, be sure to put your vehicle in park and turn on its ignition. Pairing won’t work unless these steps are first followed.

In the car:
– Press PHONE button on Uconnect screen
– Screen will prompt driver to pair a phone
– Select YES
– System will search for Bluetooth connection

On iPhone:
– Ensure Bluetooth toggle is switched to ON
– Select Uconnect system from devices list

In the car:
– Accept connection request
– Verify PIN matches iPhone screen
– Select YES

On the iPhone:
– Verify the PIN matches Uconnect screen
– Select PAIR

For a visual, step-by-step guide to pairing your iPhone to Dodge Uconnect and Bluetooth, check out the video below:

What can you do with UConnect?

The Uconnect system can be used in many ways to make each mile traveled more connected, entertaining and informative while keeping drivers focused on the road ahead. In terms of entertainment, the system allows drivers to stream their favorite music, podcasts, news and sports programming and even movies. The system also enables drivers to make and receive hands-free calls, reply to text messages, receive turn-by-turn directions and traffic updates and so much more. All of these features can be accessed via voice commands, steering wheel-mounted controls or touchscreen.

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