Does Jeep make anything that isn’t a 4X4?

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2017 Jeep Cherokee 4X4 in the water

Which 2017 Jeep models have all-wheel drive available?

Jeep is a brand that largely made its name off four-wheel drive products. Whether it was the trail conquering Wrangler or the go anywhere Grand Cherokee, being a 4X4 was always kind of a big deal. But what about today? Is that still the case? Which 2017 Jeep models have all-wheel drive available?

4 Wheel Drive on a JeepFour-wheel drive Jeep models

It would actually be much easier to list the Jeep vehicles that don’t have all-wheel drive. That’s because It would be a very short list containing exactly zero models. That’s right, every single Jeep model, and even every single trim level for those models either comes with four-wheel drive standard or has it as an option.

In fact, some Jeep models are actually four-wheel drive only. The Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, and the Grand Cherokee all come standard with four-wheel drive configurations and don’t offer anything else. This fact may not surprise you, but they are still a testament to the four-wheel drive commitment that Jeep made decades ago.

Differences between the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Grand Cherokee

2017 Jeep Compass 4X4 on a gravel roadAdvantages of four-wheel drive

There’s a long list of advantages to have a four-wheel drive configuration, but it really all comes down to improved handling and accelerating traction. Four-wheel drive will improve how your vehicle handles inclement weather such as snow, ice, and rain, but it also prepares you for conquering mud, rock trails, and just off-roading in general.

One thing that people tend to forget is that four-wheel drive doesn’t make you invincible. Though you will be able to accelerate faster, braking is not improved. Just remember that when the weather gets bad and your four-wheel drive is making you feel all-powerful.

Among the only drawbacks to a four-wheel drive configuration are the reduced fuel costs and the slightly increased risk of mechanical difficulties. Mechanical issues with a four-wheel drive system, are rare, especially in a Jeep. Luckily most of the components are are also covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Which Jeep models offer front-wheel drive?

If you would really prefer the efficiency of a front-wheel drive vehicle from Jeep, and you don’t want the slightly more complicated drivetrain to worry about, then there are still Jeep models that you can turn to. Below are the Jeep models that have front-wheel drive as an option, and the specific trim levels that offer it.






High Altitude


Sport Altitude
High Altitude

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